In the Martyr's Week ... Yemen Scholars Association Celebrates Annual Martyr's Memorial

In the Martyr

In the presence of the Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee Professor Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi ... Under the slogan of "Men believe what they have pledged to God," the Association of Yemeni Scholars held a symposium on the occasion of the anniversary of the anniversary of the martyr and our gratitude to all who sacrificed for the sake of God and to be his speech is the Supreme, on Thursday February 16, 2017. In the Great Hall of the University of Science and Technology ..

The symposium, which was the best opening to the Holy Quran recitation of Atara, followed by Professor Ahmed Saeed Majali.

After that, the symposium opened the first paper under the title (in the certificate of martyrs and martyrs) presented by Professor Taha al-Hathari ... touched on the greatness of the certificate in the name of God, and it is the best work delivered by the believer God .. The best conclusion sealed by the insured life .. It is not a decrease in age, but rather a good and a growth for the fruits of this great destination ...

Al-Hawari said in his paper: The certificate is a net profit, a guaranteed investment, a transition to the desired future, a strategic outlook, an effective practical vision beyond the life of the world, and security of the greatest fear on the Day of Resurrection.

He added: The testimony strategy has failed the enemies .. The forces of aggression tried to intimidate the killing to break the will and destroy the morale, and the defeat of the ranks of the Mujahideen, and undermine the steadfastness of the jihadist society.

Al-Hawari pointed to the success of the forces of aggression in the defeat of many other armies and the occupation of many peoples, but this strategy fell and failed to those who love killing for the sake of God .. This explains the steadfastness and patience of the Mujahideen heroes on different fronts of fighting, Hostile, and stopped and broke many crawls and crowds of mercenaries of aggression flowing like torrential torrents.

As mentioned in the paper several questions about the martyrs and the martyrs, where he provided sufficient clarification on the suspicion of a Muslim killed .. Mfnda misconception of many people to talk: ((if the Muslim faces their ...)) to the last talk. What is happening in Yemen is the defense of land and supply, freedom and dignity .. The rejection of slavery and humiliation .. He cited the events of the martyrdom of the imams of the people of the house on them, from Imam Ali peace be upon him and even Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, may God be pleased with him .. They were killed by people On Islam.

The second paper presented by Professor Boshra Mahattouri was entitled (factors motivated the steadfastness of the martyrs). In which it touched upon the factors and motivations that made our righteous martyrs steadfast and steadfast in the mountains. Through the two axes that came in her paper, she pointed out that the righteous martyrs have increased awareness and know God's right to know through the Holy Quran.

Al-Mahtoori pointed out that it was one of the reasons and motivations that led the righteous martyrs to the fields of heroism and dignity and dignity was based on their reading and reading of the lectures of Mr. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Huthi, may God be pleased with him ... And that was the great impact on their sense of great responsibility entrusted to them, and knew, The lectures are many false cultures, such as: worshiping God for patience, humiliation and shame, and also their absolute faith in the slogan, which frightens the enemies and instills terror in their hearts.

At the end of her paper she pointed out that one of the factors of steadfastness is also the understanding of the martyrs full understanding of the designs of the enemies of the Jews and Christians since the events of atheist atheist of September 2001.

The third and final paper was entitled (martyrs victories makers) feet Zaid Gharsi.

In which he identified the points of victory of the case for which he is martyred. He mentioned: The martyr's blood is the fuel of the continuation of the cause and the strong motivation for the rest of the Mujahideen to continue the jihad in the cause of Allah.

He pointed out that with the blood of the martyrs, the principles and values, ethics and principles of Islam are deepened and deepened among the community so that the enemies can not uproot them from their conscience, thought and lives. And that martyrs make life for others. And that the martyrs have made championships and great victories and great that stunned the world and for them the Yemeni people have not held for more than two years.

The seminar ended with a speech by the President of the Association of Yemeni Scholars, Al-Mujtahid Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din. He pointed out in his speech that we are living a difficult period of examination and a state of great transformation, and that this transformation is a must for sacrifices. One of the most important sacrifices is martyrdom for the sake of Allah His speech .. And that Yemen has undergone a great transformation to the best, and it was necessary to make sacrifices after sacrifices .. And provide souls cheap in the name of God. And that the martyr attests to the King of God and his Rabbanith and greatness ... Is there greater than those who offer his soul, which is the most precious thing to him in order to uphold the word of God.

The President of the League called upon all Yemeni people to stand firm and steadfast because this is the most important reason for the great victory. The sheikhs, dignitaries, and social, media and cultural figures also called for the revival of the society and the fight against those who attack Yemen.

He added that the wheel of abortions is underway and happening .. We must in these circumstances only to be patient and prove to write to us the great victory.

He also condemned on behalf of Yemeni scientists the massacre committed by the Saudi aggression against the Council of condolences for women in Arhab .. and all the massacres committed in the Yemeni people.

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